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Moba Mugen

 Banyak yang bilang jika game ini adalah buatan dari Moonton namun ternyata bukan. Perlu diketahui game MOBA MUGEN merupakan Naruto Senki yang dimodifikasi mirip game Mobile Legend namun dapat dimainkan secara offline. Memang untuk karakter yang ada didalam gamenya hampir semua mirip dengan versi aslinya, bahkan untuk skill dan jurus pun hampir sama.

Sudah ada beberapa versi yang telah rilis, dan diantara yang terbaru buatan Syariad adalah moba mugen v1.7 apk download. Untuk versi ini sudah banyak pembaruan berupa tampilan, skill, karakter dan masih banyak lainnya. Dibawah ini adalah semua versi dari permainannya, silahkan dipilih sesuai yang ingin kalian mainkan.

Oke lanjut saja dibawah ini kami berikan kumpulan link dari versi awal hingga terbaru yang dapat kalian mainkan. Kalian bisa pilih sendiri yang ingin dimainkan. Untuk versi paling baru sudah update 2021 yakni Moba Mugen V1.8. Namun untuk versi 1.8 ini sepertinya bukan buatan syarifad karena memang ada sedikit perbedaan. Untuk lebih jelasnya bisa langsung kalian coba mainkan saja.

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Good afternoon Senki friends. come back again with me on this blog. Hello, long time no see maybe about a week ago the last time the admin posted on this blog. And now the admin is posting again with the same game, namely Moba Mugen Apk which is a Narsen Mod ML game but of course with a different mod as well as free for you to download. This mod is made by Syarifad.

This game includes a complete overhaul starting from the characters, appearance, themes, UI, all according to the theme, namely Mobile Legends. The map is also like a theme, so we can play the Mobile Legends game a little differently than usual, namely in the mugen style or some kind of 2D game that is very interesting to play, for more details, see my review below.

Review of Moba Mugen

Because the theme is mobile legends, of course the characters are also mobile legends. But there are not many characters available, because the Naruto Senki mod Mobile Legends Apk is still a trial version so it's still not 100%. But don't worry, because the characters available are quite a lot and interesting for all to play, for example fanny, jonshon, alucard and many others. 

Isn't it interesting? Another feature of Moba Mugen Full character opens all Apk Latest Android Games New Updated Premium Free this time is the theme. as I have typed above. From the background, the UI and the map match the Real Hero Mobile Legend. So for those who are tired of playing mobile legends games with that and are tired of playing the narcissistic mod game with that character - that's all. 

This game is a suitable combination for all of you to play and enjoy. I guarantee you all of you will not be bored to play it. So if you are interested in this Game, which I post, I immediately review the game on  YouTube, so for the gameplay just visit Youtube channel. and if you are interested in this one game, just download it at the link I have provided below.
Game Features
  • Full character mobile legend
  • ML-themed menu display and game lobby
  • Abilities and abilities according to character
  • Same sound effect as ML "You has slain an Enemy"
  • This game is quite fun to play offline, a game that is quite exciting to kill time, you can find MOD repairmen on the "SYARIF AD" channel.
  • New Character Mod (according to the Mobile Legends theme)
  • character increases according to mobile legends
  • New Record
  • New Select Menu
  • New Menu
  • New Tower
  • New Map

Moba Mugen Apk Download

We will provide all versions of the game. You can choose what you want to play. Don't forget to choose what you want to be more enthusiastic about playing. Which I share is very exciting to play, especially for moba lovers worldwide, Mobile Legends or abbreviated as ML. Indeed, the gameplay from Naruto Senki is very similar to Mobile Legends Bang Bang. ie we play 3 vs 3 with the computer. 

Yes, with computers, because the narcissus game was originally not an online game but an offline game. But the excitement of playing this one game remains. so Download the Game Mobile Legends Moba Mugen Apk ML for Free that I share are a cure for boredom, all of you who have been too late to play mobile legends games, especially those who often lose and their rank doesn't go up. So just download it if you are all interested in playing this one game.

Moba Mugen v1.1 Apk

This MOBA Mugen V1.1 Apk game is a Naruto Senky (NarSen) game which is modded to appear as mobile legends, both in terms of character skins, loby menu displays, sound effects and battle arenas, all made very similar to mobile legends, you could say this game is selfies with the best MOD ML guys!

New Features v1.1
  • Fanny Skill 2 No Cooldown
  • Alucard OP
  • Pharsa OP

Moba Mugen v1.1 Apk

  • Versions : V1.1
  • Size : 68 Mb 
  • Credits :  Syarifad
  • Password : -
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.2 Apk

With 2D gameplay mode with an intense play system, compete with other players run by AI or bots in an arena that maintains a fortress in the form of a tower from each team, defend your tower and destroy the enemy's defense turret

New Features Moba Mugen v1.2 Apk
  • Nerf Hero: Alucard, Badang, Natalia, Hanabi, Karrie
  • Buff / Revamp Hero: Karina
  • Tower Hp from 110000 to 85000

Moba Mugen v1.2 Apk

  • Versions : V1.2
  • Size : 105 Mb 
  • Credits :  by Syarifad
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.3 Apk

Download Moba Mugen v1.3 Apk Skill No Cooldown MOD Naruto Senki Apk has arrived at the third version where a lot has been changed from heroes, maps and many others. The most striking thing is Chou who gets Iori Yagami's skin for free. So Hero Chou here is cool, it's almost similar to the mobile legends version. 

Also many more heroes were buffed and nerfed so for OP heroes in the previous version like Alucard, whose One Hit One Kill was more normal the damage. Downlod Gem Mobile Legend Moba Mugen Senki 60 fps high frame rate hd graphics MOD Offline All Heroes Have No Password, there are also several heroes who rework. 

For example alucard, saber, and sun become more normal and have fewer bugs. So to download v1.3 the download link is available below. So immediately download and play.

New Features v1.3
  • Nerf and Buff Hero
  • New Skin Chou: Iori Yagami
  • All Heroes Have Passive
  • Rework Skill 3 Alucard, Saber, Sun

Moba Mugen v1.3 Apk

  • Versions : V1.3
  • Size : 104 Mb 
  • Credits : Syarifad
  • Password : unsubscribe and report channel tutorial production
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.4 Apk

Download Mobile Legends Senki Moba Mugen v1.4 Apk Full Hero ML Dyroth has just updated its fourth version, which has been updated a lot this time. for example, many heroes are nerfed and buffed. can be seen for update below yes. 

For example, the fanny hero which initially cooldown 8 seconds becomes 3 seconds. So awesome fanny. and many others, my friend can download below.

New Features v1.4
  • nerf and buff hero
  • Skill 1 fanny is changed and the coldown becomes 8 seconds from 3 seconds
  • all heroes have the ultimate skill
  • if the front tower is destroyed, a buff monster will come out
  • help push tower
  • fix where one franco's skill will be easier to get enemies
  • fixed the error bug where leomord used horse and
  • exposed to a leomord attack get a long lasting immunie effect
  • now the tower is easier to destroy

Moba Mugen v1.4 Apk

  • Versions : V1.4
  • Size : 77 Mb 
  • Credits : Syarifad
  • Password : tutorial production report
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.5 Apk

Download Narsen MOD Mobile Legends Moba Mugen v1.5 Apk Full Hero ML Esmeralda Kimmy Silvana has just updated for the fifth version where many new things have been made or modified by the modder, namely syarifad. 

And there are also many bugs that have been fixed to make you all feel comfortable playing this one game. So you just download it below.

New Features v1.5
  • nerf and buff hero
  • Tower has a demo / fires missiles
  • fixed a bug where 1 franco's skill would easily get enemies
  • fixed a bug where leomord was using his horse + old immunity
  • now the tower is easier to destroy

Moba Mugen v1.5 Apk

  • Versi Game :  V1.5
  • Ukuran Game : 109 Mb 
  • Mod By : Syarifad
  • Password : awokawok
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.6 Apk

New Features Moba Mugen v1.6 Apk
  • nerf and buff hero
  • fixed some hero bugs
  • still lag during the war (but it's not lagging for a long time)
  • Fixed several hero skills

Moba Mugen v1.6 Apk

  • Versi Game : 1.6
  • Ukuran Game : 97 Mb 
  • Mod By : Syarifad
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.7 Apk

Download Mobile Legends Moba Mugen v1.7 Apk Naruto Senki MOD Full Hero Masha Ling Estes has been updated in the latest version, version 1.7. Admin has skipped version 1.6 yes, but still admin includes the download link below. Why does the admin skip it because the distance also updates the mobile legends Naruto Senki heroes not much different from version 1.5. 

So the admin immediately updates the latest version which has lots of bugs that have been fixed and is certainly more exciting for all of you to play. So what are you waiting for, just download the Mobile Gem Lejen Moba Mugen Senki now at the link below.

New Features v1.7 (New!)
  • nerf and buff hero
  • revamp skill 3 chou and the latest effect in skill 1 and 3
  • add lightning in skill 2 gatot glass
  • update skill 3 lolita
  • add effect to skill 3 hanabi
  • update 3 cyclops skill
  • new skin: zodiac baddies
  • new skin: gord legend

Moba Mugen v1.7 Apk

  • Versi Game : 1.7
  • Ukuran Game : 100 Mb 
  • Mod By : Syarifad
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Cara Install Moba Mugen Mod Apk

To install this game, you must first allow permission to install from an unknown source through Settings> Security> Unknown Source. Once permitted, you are able to install Naruto Senki to play it smoothly.

Akhir Kata
If you want to request a certain MOD from Naruto Senki, please mock through the comments column below. Hopefully this game will make you even more fond of the Naruto characters and of course you don't need to worry about cellphone and cellular data specifications because this game is very light and can be played offline 👍.

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